From The New York Sun:

As the photographer, Ms. Weisler does not add to or modify what she sees. Instead, she searches through the vast urban territory and myriad spaces looking for the figures, motifs, and colors that can become independent images. . . .The spaces she captures tend to change quickly — and not just because graffiti is continually added to the sites.


“It’s a thrill to show work at 3rd Rail, a space that really understands and appreciates all art forms  sanctioned or not,” comments participating photographer Weisler. “I have dedicated my work in the last couple of years to capturing the color, creativity and exuberance of street collage and painting.” Weisler adds, “Because Street Art typically has a limited lifespan, my photographs allow audiences who may never have had an opportunity to experience these inspired pieces a chance to interact with them on a personal level.”